Small Events

Caviar at your intimate event. Wherever you are. Just say when.

You won’t have the crowds, but have the caviar.

Call/text 917 300-9041 or email to arrange.


  1. Caviar
  2. Crème Fraiche & Icelandic Yogurt
  3. Toasts, Chips & Cucumber
  4. 750ml of North Fork Brut or Topaz

Price: Caviar (min $200), plus $25.


  1. Choice of additional accompaniment(s): $ at cost
  2. Custom tins: depends on volume
  3. Magnum: with any purchase over $500

More add-ons (unavailable until further notice):

  1. Ice sculpture
  2. Valet in white tie and gloves
  3. Mermaids