Our Story

Pearl Street Caviar is a next-generation NYC brand on a mission to make quality, sustainably-sourced caviar available to anyone who wants an experience that is indulgent and healthy, new and timeless, elevated and affordable. We’re inviting everyone to try one of the world’s most nutritious foods, and this means thinking about caviar a little differently.

At Pearl Street, we believe that:

  • Caviar is a food, not a delicacy, and should be eaten like one.
  • Caviar should be accessible and not just reserved for the 1%.
  • Caviar’s nutritional qualities make it a superstar amongst superfoods.
  • Caviar should be farmed sustainably with an emphasis on minimal impact.

Enjoy it on its own or take a simple dish to the next level, from chips and dip to pasta and pizza. Pair it with your favorite wine or upgrade your cocktail hour. Pearl Street Caviar is here to elevate your every day. So go ahead and dive in. #eatcaviar

Our Caviar

Sustainability is a core tenet of how we do things at Pearl Street. We source our sturgeon from Qiandao (Thousand Island) Lake. They are raised on an open-pen farm fed by wild waterways, to produce happy and healthy sturgeon.

We work closely with our farm to supplement the nutrients and minerals naturally in the mountain waterway with a feed ration that mimics sturgeons’ natural diet in the wild. The formula comprises organically-sourced seaweed, millet, soy, shrimp and sardines. The roe is then combined with salt to become Pearl Street Caviar.

For each domesticated sturgeon we use, our farm’s hatchery also fertilizes an egg and contributes fry (baby sturgeon) to the Amur River system, to revive the wild population in its native waters.