Pearl Street Caviar

born from a thirst for adventure and a love for the sea. Caviar is a living memory in a tin- a window into history and foreign lands that fits on the table wherever you happen to be.

The Company

Pearl Street sources all of our caviars from farms (wild sturgeon is ILLEGAL in the USA as of 2007). We work exclusively with farms located on natural waterways with high water flow. This means the fish are exposed to the minerals and vitamins that sturgeon find in the wild. Rivers in high-elevation forests feed the lakes. We only harvest in cold-water months to maintain structure (firmness/pop) and flavor. 

Once the product is received directly from the farm, our team of three caviar specialists nurture, turn, and age the caviar to have the optimal flavor, maturity, and presentation for our partners. We then pack the tins and send them as desired when an order is received.

Our caviar is just the eggs and a little bit of salt (salt from the Alps). That’s it.

From our street to yours

Our Founder started their career sailing on New York Harbor, delivering accessible adventures on high-performance sailboats. They were also a bartender (not a mixologist) in Downtown Manhattan. Spending countless nights watching people search for their next adventure in the bottom of a cocktail glass, they saw caviar, with its nutritional benefits, might have a place in more casual settings. Caviar could also feed the soul after a long shift. World-class caviar has a place in the lives of discerning NYC regulars. 

The Hudson River was once a leading producer of sturgeon caviar. Now caviar is farmed all around the world. Our sturgeon are raised in a way that most closely matches wild environments. With a focus on caviar’s history, its reputation, how it’s produced, what makes sturgeon happy, what goes into the best caviar in the world, PSC is here to elevate your everyday.

Sustainability First

Sustainability is a core tenet of PSC, from sourcing to packaging. For each domesticated sturgeon we use, our farms’ hatcheries also fertilize eggs and contribute fry (baby sturgeon) to the Amur and Black River systems to revive the wild populations in native waters. Our farms favor local and organic feed when available.


We receive the product at our facility in Brooklyn, age, treat, select, pack it onsite, and ship using low-grade (not fit for textiles) natural wool for insulation. According to our most recent research, our icepacks are the least environmentally impactful that are available.

We maximize the environmental efficiency of our small footprint. For factors outside of our direct control, we tap our experience and the knowledge of our network to ensure that our investment is aligned with our ethos and drives environmental innovation in aquaculture.

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