Shipping: We ship for perishable packages to arrive fresh, Next Day or on your Preferred Delivery Date (which you can select during checkout). The Next Day cut off is 5pm Eastern Time. We don't ship on Saturdays nor Sundays.

We ship on ice with compostable wool insulation to be safe for up to 60 hours in transit.

We use UPS and FedEx. Tracking will be emailed on the day the order ships. 

If shipping goes awry, we will do our best to make it right.    

Packing: Each tin is packed to order. Find the initials of the Caviar Specialist who packed your tin on the bottom of the tin. 

How should I eat it? However you want! Also, some recipe ideas available here.

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Pack With Us

Sustainability is a core tenet of PSC, from sourcing to packaging. For each domesticated sturgeon we use, our farms’ hatcheries also fertilize eggs and contribute fry (baby sturgeon) to the Amur and Black River systems, to revive the wild populations in native waters. Our farms favor local and organic feed when available. We receive product at our facility in Brooklyn, age, treat, select, and pack it onsite, and ship using low-grade (not fit for textiles) natural wool for insulation. Our icepacks are the least environmentally impactful that are available, according to our most recent research.

We maximize the environmental efficiency of our small footprint. For factors outside of our direct control, we tap our experience and the knowledge of our network to ensure that our investment is aligned with our ethos and drives environmental innovation in aquaculture.     

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