• Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'
  • Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'
  • Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'
  • Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'

Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'

Exclusive collaboration designed by our friends at Silk City. Savor the Moment in this comfy, limited-edition, black long-sleeve shirt. 100% cotton.  

Silk City is the unspoken style of the urban neighborhood intertwined with the elegance of high-end fashion. They focus on providing high-quality products, along with a wide range of versatility, from "Silky" durags to sophisticated streetwear. Silk City: From the Hood to Hollywood.

  • “My order was delivered faster than I anticipated, which was lovely. The product did not disappoint and was thoroughly enjoyed by the friends I shared it with. Thanks!”

    Christine S

  • “So affordable and convenient. Great service. We just can't live without Pearl Street!”

    Edwin B

  • “I am always impressed with the quality of the product as well as the packaging. It is delicious, easy to open, and safe (i.e. very little contact with the food when opening, which is important these days), and definitely perfect for a gift.”

    Wael Y

  • “I've upgraded the way I watch basketball games with the help of Pearl Street. The Munchie snack pack is the perfect addition to enjoy caviar in a casual but luxe way!”

    Kyjah C

  • “As always, the Keluga from PSC is absolutely delicious. The NBA tin was a fantastic touch and a crowd favorite among my squad!”

    Evan C