• Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'
  • Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'
  • Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'
  • Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'

Silk City x PSC 'Savor the Moment'

Exclusive collaboration designed by our friends at Silk City. Savor the Moment in this comfy, limited-edition, black long-sleeve shirt. 100% cotton.  

Silk City is the unspoken style of the urban neighborhood intertwined with the elegance of high-end fashion. They focus on providing high-quality products, along with a wide range of versatility, from "Silky" durags to sophisticated streetwear. Silk City: From the Hood to Hollywood.

4.85 (120+ Reviews)
  • “The delivery was on time and everything arrived perfectly! We love the caviar and sampler duo is so much fun with the chips. Can't wait to order more.”

    Angela W

  • “So affordable and convenient. Great service. We just can't live without Pearl Street!”

    Edwin B

  • “PSC + Friends + Sparkling Wine = GOOD TIMES! The package came with everything you need and arrived on time. PSC truly cares about its product. The price is great for the quality. Anyone can enjoy this lovely treat.”

    Douglas M

  • “This was my first time purchasing from PSC so I cautiously ordered a single serving Ossetra. It was scrumptious!! Taste and texture are exactly as described on the website. You will be delighted. My advice is to order "bigger" when you can!”

    Aundra S

  • “As always, the Keluga from PSC is absolutely delicious. The NBA tin was a fantastic touch and a crowd favorite among my squad!”

    Evan C