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Caviar to you in 90 minutes or less. Servicing Southampton to Montauk, Friday & Saturday 12pm-10pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

Post-beach, post-workout, or pre-party? Get Pearl Street Caviar delivered right to your door. It’s as easy as texting. Follow the steps below and you’ll be eating caviar in no time.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose Caviar

Delivery Options

A: Appetizers & Aperitifs. Caviar perfect for a cocktail hour (or any hour) tasting for 4 people: 30g Siberian Select & 30g Keluga $164

B: Bottomless Brunch. Start the day off right for 6 to 8: 125g Siberian Select $248

C: Classic Cookout Kick off the evening for 6 to 8, or end the night in style: 125g Keluga $410

Price includes tax & delivery. Package includes: a tin opener, mother of pearl spoon, simple food pairing.

Step 2: Text order to 917 300-9041 by sending a message with the letter that corresponds to the caviar you want delivered. If you'd like multiple tins, denote how many tins you want delivered plus ‘x’

For example, if you want 2 tins of Bottomless Brunch (125g Siberian Select), text us: “2x B”

Provide delivery address and an email for credit card billing and receipt.

A complete order would look like this:
2x B
20 Surfside Ave, Montauk, NY 11954

Step 3: Stay tuned We’ll alert you when your caviar is on its way!

1. How do I pay? A Stripe link to enter your credit card will be sent to your email address.

2. What if I change locations? Please keep us apprised of your location (moving may delay).
3. How do I know when my order is on its way? You will get a text!
4. Can I pre-order caviar for weekend delivery? Yes! You may do so by text, and include the time you’d like your delivery to arrive, or you can place an order on the PSC website for standard UPS delivery.

More about our caviar:

Siberian Select is easy to love. Here’s why: delicate black pearls, from naturally raised Siberian sturgeon; a satisfyingly complex taste, quietly embodying the essence of the sea; a velvety smooth finish, with just a hint of fruitiness. It’s a 24/7 caviar, delicious as part of an invigorating breakfast, a rewarding midnight snack, and every nosh in between.

Keluga is a special caviar, with a lot to admire: plump pearls, glittery gold in hue and buttery in texture; richly flavored, but feather light on your tongue, with subtly sweet notes of hazelnut; a sumptuous finish that lingers on your mind. Produced from carnivorous sturgeon native to the Amur River, this caviar does everything: style and substance, boldness and charm.

  • Fresh unopened in refrigerator for up to six weeks. Consume in four days once opened
  • Lightly salted (low sodium) & No preservatives
  • Sustainably harvested and shipped direct for freshness, transparency, and value
  • Sourced from an open-pen aqua farm in Thousand Island Lake