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Keluga is a special caviar, with a lot to admire: plump pearls, glittery gold in hue and buttery in texture; richly flavored, but feather light on your tongue, with subtly sweet notes of hazelnut; a sumptuous finish that lingers on your mind. Produced from carnivorous sturgeon native to the Amur River, this caviar does everything: style and substance, boldness and charm.


Serving Size Info

Please note: Caviar stays fresh unopened in the refrigerator for up to six weeks. Each Caviar order comes with a tin opener, mother of pearl spoon, and a little pouch.


Species: Huso/ Shrencki


Sustainably sourced from an open AquaFarm


Rich source of Omega 3 & vitamins


Lightly Salted & No Preservatives