• Keluga Gift Case
  • Keluga Gift Case

Keluga Gift Case

Festive and reusable brass caviar case, fabricated in Brooklyn by Williamsburg Metal to accompany Keluga caviar. Each gift includes 30g of caviar, a mother of pearl spoon, a tin opener, and a discreet ice pack to keep the caviar cold on the way to the party.


One (1) set of PSC accessories (pouch, mother-of-pearl spoon, tin opener) included per cart. Add supplementary sets, for gifting. Please note: Caviar stays fresh unopened in the refrigerator for up to five weeks.

  • “My order was delivered faster than I anticipated, which was lovely. The product did not disappoint and was thoroughly enjoyed by the friends I shared it with. Thanks!”

    Christine S

  • “So affordable and convenient. Great service. We just can't live without Pearl Street!”

    Edwin B

  • “I am always impressed with the quality of the product as well as the packaging. It is delicious, easy to open, and safe (i.e. very little contact with the food when opening, which is important these days), and definitely perfect for a gift.”

    Wael Y

  • “I've upgraded the way I watch basketball games with the help of Pearl Street. The Munchie snack pack is the perfect addition to enjoy caviar in a casual but luxe way!”

    Kyjah C

  • “As always, the Keluga from PSC is absolutely delicious. The NBA tin was a fantastic touch and a crowd favorite among my squad!”

    Evan C