Caviar Chronicles

caviar bar NYC
Caviar can be the binding factor that unites friends, families, spouses, and whomever, whenever. From this, Caviar Chronicles was born. It places a caviar bar across NYC landmarks, and for us at Pearl Street Caviar, represents fond memories we’ve once shared. From Brooklyn to Manhattan and beyond, we’ll take you, and our caviar bar, with us on a journey across New York City to rediscover what this city and caviar truly mean to us. 
caviar at Washington square park

Washington Square Park:

To us, Washington Square Park is where you take a detour to on your way to a reservation with a loved one, where you gather, where the music is live, where you get your photo taken for a streetstyle blog, where a spring afternoon can be spent on a bench or on the grass taking in the uniquely vibrant personalities who share the space, where you eat caviar. On the way home, the spray from the fountain is cool on your face for a second and the air is aromatic.


caviar bar at Manhattan bridge


Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass: historic cobble stones streets, the rumble of trains on the steel of the Manhattan Bridge, and throngs of tourists. Artisanal coffee and spaceship strollers, combined with a tech campus and developing nightlife defy the waterfront past, when caviar direct from the river was sold from carts on Pearl Street. Here the PSC bar occupies one of the most photographed wedding photo backdrops in NYC - it’s a nice spot. Maybe someone you know has been here? Or has audibly said ‘hey i’m walking here’ out loud?

Pebble Beach:

NY waterways are familiar and timeless as the city changes around them. They are usually appreciated for their aesthetic value, whether it be from a high window, window of a vehicle, or while sipping a drink at sunset. Many deem it risky to bathe in them. Few are aware that they were once a prolific sturgeon habitat. Here the PSC bar wets its feet. Caviar is for all beaches; from the Hamptons to Rockaway to Maui.


Train Station Bar


The subway gives the City its life, like a vein it carries the lifeblood: the people. It’s where one can gain inspiration for outfits and also fade away - an anonymous rider on your way home. On your way you might share a seat with Sarah Jessica Parker, listen to an impromptu poetry reading, smile at a dog in a backpack, and get a view of Manhattan during rush-hour from one of the coveted corner clusters. Many people think of eating caviar while on a yacht or dining in the Maldives, but there are many places that you can get to by train and eat caviar that provide a similar appreciation for life.


Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote
Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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