Caviar Chronicles: LaQuan Smith

Caviar Chronicles: LaQuan Smith
Caviar is a living memory in a tin—a window into history and lands that fits on the table wherever you happen to be. Caviar can be the binding factor that unites friends, families, and whomever, whenever.
From this, Caviar Chronicles was born and continues to be a conduit to adventure different settings and ways to eat caviar. Here we connect our caviar bar to the mystery and new knowledge of incredible moments from the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.
Rockefeller Center is an NYC landmark known best to people as the place that defrosts Mariah Carey from a ceremonious flip of a switch for the lighting of the tree every year. The 6-block stretch has its own zip code and is home to many defining events beyond the holidays from Saturday Night Live (if you've ever braved this line to get tickets), to Christie's Auction House.
This time we were invited in and upstairs to the 65th floor of the Rainbow Room to spread the caviar love for the debut of LaQuan Smith’s new Fall/Winter 2023 collection. The show energy was serotonin filled and New York minute, leaving us delighted and inspired as we took the bar out once again into the night. 
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Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote
Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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Take Pearl Street everywhere you go. 

Large Natural Gusseted 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

17.75"L x 15.75"H x 6.25"W


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