Equinox x PSC: New Year, New Accountability

Equinox x PSC: New Year, New Accountability

With the New Year comes renewed, though often fleeting, motivation for ambitious exercise regimens and healthy diets. Research indicates that ~80% of these efforts peter out at this point. But there’s a key to successfully maintain long-term healthy habits: accountability. 

At the turn of the new year, PSC’s Dr. Chinara Tate joined one of Equinox’s premier Tier X personal trainers, Angel Sanchez, to dig into the nutritional benefits of PSC caviar, the power of fueling with whole foods, and supporting their clients with expertise and accountability. 

You can watch Dr. Tate and Angel sip some bubbly, enjoy caviar, and geek out on the health and exercise benefits of PSC here - WATCH VIDEO.

Below are some highlights from their conversation - namely, two cornerstones of Pearl Street Caviar’s nutrition profile, enhanced bioavailability and nutrient synergy: 


  • Bioavailability tells us how much of a given nutrient is actually absorbed by the gut for our bodies to use. 
  • Some foods are even more nutritious when eaten together because they enhance the bioavailability of the nutrients they contain.
  • We can actually extract more nutrients from many of the foods we eat by knowing which nutrient to pair to enhance bioavailability.

Nutrient Synergy

  • Nutrient synergy is another reason why we may reap greater health benefits from eating whole foods as opposed to supplements.
  • Evidence suggests that many nutrients within single whole foods may work in concert with one another. Single nutrient supplements lack these complementary nutrients.
  • As a whole food, PSC's nutrients are highly bioavailable. Overlapping benefits may enable nutrients to work synergistically and thus more effectively than in isolation.

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote
Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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