From Farm to Tin

From Farm to Tin

Pearl Street Caviar is on a mission to bring world-class caviar to the discerning lives of all individuals. It all begins with one sturgeon. With a focus on caviar’s history, its reputation, how it’s produced, and what makes sturgeon happy, we want to share the process from farm to tin.

The Farm
Farms we source from are located on natural waterways with high water flow. This means the fish are exposed to the minerals and vitamins that sturgeon find in the wild. Rivers in high-elevation forests feed the lakes and produce conditions that closely mimic sturgeons' natural habitat. The farms then follow a rigorous and manual process to retrieve the eggs, screen, pick, and fill an OT (the lovely big blue tubs) all in under 15 minutes. The remaining fish is sold to local markets and shipped out to meet sturgeon meat demands. 
Fun fact: Sturgeon skin is used to create sturgeon leather for watch straps and even shoes. 
The Lab
Find our flagship store and warehouse in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Here we import, nurture, turn and age caviar to perfection. At all steps in this process, there are several caviar specialists keeping a close eye on the product. In fact, all tins are hand packed with the initials of the caviar specialist signed at the bottom. We carefully monitor the different vintages of caviar to ensure the perfect taste and textures are met.
Are you a NYC local? Visit us and see where the magic happens- we offer caviar tastings Monday- Saturday! Get a quick tour of the space and chat with one of our caviar specialist while you taste different caviars. RSVP here.
Lastly, the tins are sent off via next-day shipping to be enjoyed by many across the US, PR, and even Canada! Pictured here is a wonderful dish created by Chef Steven Greene at The Umstead Hotel & Spa. Our favorite part of the process is seeing the final outcome and everyone's unique caviar recipes. 
Interested in exploring new recipes to enjoy your favorite caviars? Check out our recipes here

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote
Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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Large Natural Gusseted 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

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