Introducing Our Wellness Letter

Introducing Our Wellness Letter

Dear friends,

This pandemic has us all out of our comfort zone. While social distancing is necessary to take care of yourself and our community, this measure can leave us feeling alone, anxious and unmotivated. 

What is the best way to get through this period?

Taking care of ourselves by working out, eating a balanced healthy diet and finding ways to de-stress. Going for a walk, stretching or doing body-weight workouts at home, practicing cooking new healthy recipes, and engaging in mindfulness and meditation practices are just a few ways to engage in self-care. 

Here at PSC, we are drawing on resources from our professional and academic network to help you practice self-care until we can all be together again and clink glasses of bubbly while enjoying PSC.

To start, Chinara Tate, PSC’s resident doctor of behavioral nutrition will provide several helpful tips based on her clinical expertise and research on developing and maintaining healthy eating habits in the face of emotional triggers, as well as food’s direct impact on brain health.

Over the coming weeks we will share self-care resources that focus on:

Eating a Balanced Diet

Being Present

Keeping Your Rituals

To kick it off: 

  • Set an at-home meal schedule on your phone to help anchor your and/or your family’s days and ensure nutrition needs are met. #protip : meal planning helps everyone remember what day of the week it is! 

  • Block out 15-20 minutes each day for mindfulness practice. Unsure where to start? Download the Headspace app which is currently offering a free collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises for all as well as Pro access for all healthcare providers with an active NPI.

  • Exercise your way. Whether hopping on a stationary bike, downloading a virtual fitness app, stepping out for a brisk walk or running up your apartment building staircase (current personal fav!) - find a way to take a break and maintain physical activity routines.

Finally here’s a nice story from earlier in the week to brighten your day: Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres in quarantine.


-Team PSC

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