Kaitlyn Walker: Fuel Your Drive

Kaitlyn Walker: Fuel Your Drive

This week, Pearl Street Caviar’s scientific advisor and nutritionist, Dr. Chinara Tate, speaks with the new face of PSC’s Fuel Your Drive campaign, Ms. Kaitlyn Walker, about her lead up to shooting a high energy sequence of jumps and sprints at Brooklyn Bridge Park in 20 degree February weather, maintaining physical, mental and emotional health in the midst of quarantine, and cooking as an inter-generational love language.

Here, we share some highlights from the interview with key insights from Chinara.

“It was actually my first time trying caviar and I absolutely loved it!”

Trying out new foods, cuisines and recipes is a great way to break up some of the monotony that has come along with this time. Food has such a profound effect on how we view our daily experience that NASA is looking at how to integrate meal prep into space exploration to provide astronauts with novelty and creative expression.

“I like to start off with scrambled eggs or boiled eggs. Eggs are easy eggs are quick."

Eggs are easy, quick and filled with essential nutrients - top them with caviar and you have a protein, B-12 and omega-3 packed start to the day. 

    “Cooking has been passed down in my DNA. My grandmother is the best cook in the world, she taught my dad how to cook and he passed that on to me. Cooking is a love language for me.”

    100%! Cooking is an incredibly empowering skill and whether passed down to younger generations or shared within a community it is most certainly a love language. It provides autonomy over what we put in our bodies so that we can become drivers of our own physical health and well-being.


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