Wellness Letter: Meet the Le Court Team

Wellness Letter: Meet the Le Court Team

 To elevate your every day, we partnered with Le Court an innovative lifestyle brand born from a love for basketball, to reimagine caviar for fueling self-expression and healthy lifestyles. 

 Farrukh Ershad, Benyamin Aziz, and Myles Thompson combine their deep-rooted appreciation for sports and fashion to execute innovative projects for Le Court. We caught up with them to discuss our partnership, the holidays, and new beginnings with caviar.   

What is your favorite detail about the Le Tote?

  • Myles: My favorite detail has been the packaging. We put a lot of thought into the Easter eggs when unboxing the bag.
  • Benny: I love the dual-functionality of the authentic basketball net. It speaks to our vision of sport as lifestyle.
  • Farrukh: I love the uniqueness of the bag, the detail work with the net incorporated into a tote bag that can be functional and a conversation starter.

What mindful activity makes the holidays better?

  • Myles: Unplugging works the best for me, spending time with loved ones.
  • Benny: Hot chocolate, NBA 2K, and chilly morning winter hikes with my wife.
  • Farrukh: Unplugging, watching the rain and spending time with loved ones.

What are your creative essentials?

  • Myles: Definitely my laptop, pretty much using that for everything at this point. iPhone, Actual Source dotted grid notebook, a solid pen or pencil, a comfy hoodie, and my Hydroflask.
  • Benny: Music, music, and music.
  • Farrukh: A nice view, inspiration, my notebook and laptop.

How do you caviar?

  • Myles: For me, it’s all about texture, so something crunchy, with a bit of lemon for acidity.
  • Benny: I like to keep it simple with a fresh baguette and some crème fraîche. And maybe some champagne.
  • Farrukh: I'm still learning to caviar, so at the moment experimenting with my PSC and different foods.

Follow Le Court to find out more information about our partnership. 

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Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote
Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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Take Pearl Street everywhere you go. 

Large Natural Gusseted 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

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