Wellness Letter: Nzinga Augusto

Wellness Letter: Nzinga Augusto

Chinara Tate chatted with her friend and current Miami Native Nzinga Augusto the week after his wedding. 

At A Glance

What gets you out of bed? My daughter, she’s 4 going on 66 and I don’t have a choice

Nzinga and daughter.

Healthy Habits  Microgreens, moringa, and Capoeira

Vices Cuban Coladas

One piece of health/wellness advice Tweak your habits for long-term improvements

On Caviar | The first time I had caviar was as a kid in Angola. As a German diplomat, my dad received gifts from other diplomats. One such gift was caviar from the USSR. Now, I have Caviar on game nights with my friends while we yell at each other over games of Taboo, spades, and charades. 

Nzinga’s Morning Routine | On weekdays I usually wake up at 5, drink water, have a protein shake, and strength train for an hour

Nzinga on beach.

Healthy Habits | I have a mostly seafood and plant-based diet. I’m trying to eat more vegetables both in variety and quantity. I started growing arugula, spinach, microgreens and moringa. I toss moringa into everything to add an accent and nutrient. I teach capoeira, which I first became interested in while watching Brazillian telenovelas in Angola. It’s both physical and mental - like playing chess with your body. 

Vices | I drink Cuban colada - a super strong shot of coffee, with 3 heaping spoons of sugar - 4-5 times a week. I used to drink 3 red bulls, and eat candy and two coconut pastries every morning, the cholesterol wasn’t worth it, so I weaned myself off. My only vice now is coffee, oh and this *picks up a cocktail*.

Wellness Advice | Tweak your habits to get significant benefits down the line. Lessen bad habits, it’s not necessary to completely eliminate them off the bat. Give your body the nutrients it needs

Learned Recently | I often dive deep into YouTube, which may or may not be a credible source of information.



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