Wellness Letter: Trusting Yourself on International Women's Day

Wellness Letter: Trusting Yourself on International Women's Day

This week PSC Community member Elle Osborne fills us in on trusting your instincts to approach wellness creatively, caviar pairing, and experimentation in the kitchen:

What is “creative wellness”?

  • For me, creative wellness means freely choosing the products and practices that work best for my lifestyle. I love eating plant-based, but I’m not vegan. I love weightlifting, rock climbing, and yoga. I follow my gut and do what sounds most fun to me on any given day.
  • I also love finding out what minerals and vitamins are in foods I LOVE so I can take better care of myself. Did you know caviar is high in Vitamin D? I tend to be low in the winter, so it’s a perfect fit for me. I don’t like adhering too strictly to rules. I like doing what feels easy, natural, and good for my body. I like approaching wellness as a creative act.

What makes arts-based imagination central to the equation of why creativity is a wellness practice?

  • I think expression is key to creativity in any form. Try things out non-traditionally. Whether it’s a color combination on canvas, a workout routine, or a mix of ingredients... Try new things! Use your imagination to make it fun. The benefits follow when you enjoy the process.

    What non-traditional drink do you pair caviar with?
    • I have to say I’m partial to champagne and vodka, both a far cry from non-traditional. Try a little St. Germain and soda with your champagne & garnish either with a twist for an extra-special treat!

    Think of experimentation with art. Do you find the act of cooking to be a similar process?

    • My favorite thing about cooking is experimentation. I don’t love dill, so I’m likely to substitute basil. If I don’t have rice, I’ll use orzo or farro. I almost always double the garlic a recipe asks for. And I absolutely love caviar with a soft boiled egg... so why not try it with an omelet or a soft-scrambled egg on toast? Trust me... it’ll be delicious.

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