Caviar&Cannabis: PSC x Artet

Caviar&Cannabis: PSC x Artet

For us, wellness is subjective. And although, there are a lot of ways to define wellness from it’s umbrella of nutrition, fitness, and experiences; we know that there isn’t only one way to feel healthy everyday. 

Studies suggest that people who engage in a variety of new experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones.  We partnered with Artet because we believe that intriguing flavors, innovative pairings, and a little both of THC can make any moment special.

Xander Shepherd, Co-Founder of Artet, says, “Artet allows me to unwind and enjoy those all important rituals without the regret and many of the health risks that come with alcohol.  There's always a balance to strike between working hard, being social, staying healthy spiritually, and staying healthy physically. As I've gotten older, that balance requires more work, and better choices when it comes to consumption.”

This first-time collaboration reflects our shared mission of uniting and empowering the idea of everyday luxury to wherever you are. In thinking of ways to stay connected this upcoming holiday season, we would love to share our recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes made by Mary Pope of our PSC #HowICaviar community to be paired with Artet’s (Americano) Kind of Highball. From classics to remixes, we prefer the latter when taking these products out of its traditional viewpoints.

“Going beyond the salty and sweet combination of unlikely pairs, Artet and Pearl Street Caviar provide the canvas to choose your own adventure in experimenting with flavors”, said Kyjah Coryat, Brand Manager at Pearl Street Caviar.

This Americano-inspired cannabis cocktail is the perfect before dinner drink. It offers a little bit of bitterness, a touch of cannabis, and is sure to get your appetite going.

This is an aperitivo through and through. One glass will get you primed for a meal and two will open up your evening.

The flavors from the Fried Green Tomato with Crème Fraiche and Ossetra Caviar recipe give additional texture and weight to snacking as it pertains to aperitifs. The green tomatoes used in this recipe are unripe tomatoes. Green tomatoes are firmer and less juicy than their ripe counterparts.

They are also tangier and milder in flavor, perfect for this batter fried treatment. The result paired with Artet is a nuanced taste that is bolder, tart, and tasty.

“Cannabis cocktails are a great way to have fulfilling social experiences and take the edge off without all the downside, which makes striking that balance so much easier,” says Sheperd. 


Don’t forget to add caviar!

Check out the full recipe for both here.

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote
Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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