Wellness Letter: Mallory Emmert

Wellness Letter: Mallory Emmert

Mallory Emmert: Equinox Events & Member Relations Manager + Certified Yoga instructor & Health Coach.

Excited to learn more about the health benefits of Pearl Street Caviar, and enthused about its role in Movement Nutrition Regeneration, Mallory, Equinox, and PSC first partnered for a Holiday virtual event. Recently, Chinara caught up with Mallory for her wellness update. 

Wellness Words to Live By

  • Wellness is whatever feeds your soul
  • Give yourself love so that you can better love others
  • It’s not fitness, it’s life!

Nutrition Journey | Mallory not only found full remission of her inflammatory condition in nourishing foods, she experienced:

  • Better sleep quality and duration
  • No brain fog
  • Feeling better in her body

Pillars of Wellness | As a recently certified holistic health coach, Mallory integrates the concept of multiple pillars of wellness into her daily life by engaging in:

  • Surrounding herself with an amazing community of fellow wellness enthusiasts that encourage, inspire and are aimed at being their best selves
  • Meditative breathing at work to step back and reset when overwhelmed
  • Keeping a regular nutrition and fitness routine 
  • Checking in with herself across the pillars of nutrition, physical, mental, financial and community wellness

Community & Connection | In addition to her Equinox community, Mallory stays connected with her friends and family by:

  • Gardening, cooking and eating meals together as a source of joy
  • Sharing excitement over learning about the health benefits of caviar and grains 


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