Wellness Letter: Meet Charmaine L.

Wellness Letter: Meet Charmaine L.

Charmaine L. (@m0mmyeats) is an essential member of our community.  We’re proud to watch her grow creatively and empower others to cook outside of their comfort zones.

Her hall-of-fame recipes include art installations you can eat, comfort food favorites, and make any meal taste elevated.

She started as a brand ambassador and we’re honored to call her our chef consultant. Her cooking regime is refreshing, friendly, and makes any meal feel special.  



How did you start @m0mmyeats?

@m0mmyeats started 6 years ago as a "just for fun" account where I would post all things related to food. It started out as a collection of photos of food I cooked, sous vide experiments, and dishes from restaurants. As the account grew over the years, my audience was much more interested in my creations, and thus it evolved into the cooking/plating feed it is today.


What inspires you to create recipes with caviar? 

Caviar has been known as a luxury ingredient and usually consumed during special occasions. I like to create simple home-made recipes for the average home cook and to make caviar more accessible in our daily meals so that it can be enjoyed on any occasion or no occasion at all. I'm inspired to create simple recipes that allow the caviar to shine as the star ingredient with minimal effort. 

What are your favorite ‘how I caviar’ recipes?

My favorite way to caviar is eating Keluga on a blini with creme fraiche and chives. I also love eating caviar on a seared scallop - the hot and cold temperature combination is amazing.

 Who influences your cooking style?

Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Eric Ripert! They are the greatest of our time. Michelin Star chefs and restaurants are usually where I draw my ideas and inspiration. They make food look artistic and other-worldly and I try to draw inspiration from these all-stars to create dishes at home.

If you had a name of a restaurant what would you call it?

Wow this is a tough question to answer without much thought. If I had a restaurant, I think I would name it Faire. It is the French verb meaning to do or to make. The pronunciation of the word also aligns with the English word fare - and food fare is a range of ingredients provided for consumption and enjoyment.


Charmaine accepted the challenge. Try her Sour Cream Deviled Egg. Share your recipes on Instagram with #HowICaviar and tag @M0MMYEATS AND @PEARLSTREETCAVIAR.

Stay tuned for special announcement.  

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Caviar Chronicles Subway Tote

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